Introducing Fast Track Convenience

Self-checkout stores are the next generation of retail sales

Fast Track Convenience is profitable, easy to install and allows 24/7 shopping – without necessitating labor to operate a store. Imagine a convenience store in your office building, fitness center or other location that offers all the products you want in multiple sizes without the hassles of traditional shopping or vending. Fast Track Convenience makes this a reality.

How is this possible? Fast Track offers consumer check out products ranging from barcode only countertop and kiosks models to full RFID multiple payment option systems. “We have seen a large demand for unmanned self checkout stores from a very wide variety of sources. Our company is getting calls ranging from schools, colleges, hospitals, large multi-tenant office complexes to, of course, business and industry. With such diversity of application an operator can now offer a wide variety of solutions. Due to a wide range in sales volumes and security concerns we are now able to address each situation knowing we will have the right system to fit the client’s needs,” said Ray Friedrich of Fast Track Convenience.

Our revolutionary self-checkout unit automatically detects merchandise as it is presented for purchase. Fast Track Convenience offers Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. Merchandise is automatically detected. The transaction is so simple it takes just seconds to complete. Customers can use credit and debit cards, their drivers’ licenses, cash or even their thumb print! It’s that easy.

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